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Content Mangement Systems

To maximise performance, websites need care and attention; this is where england’s content management system really comes in to its own. We believe that once a website is deployed it should be up to our clients to expand it to suit their needs as their business evolves.

At england we have developed a vigorously tried and tested proprietary content management system that’s so versatile it will power a 3 page microsite just as well as a news website with tens of thousands of pages and images.

All our development is carried out in-house and is on the cutting edge of current technology so we know that with our imagination, anything is possible. There are no restraints when it comes to writing functionality for a particular project.

The real beauty of it all is you don’t need a degree in computer science to use england’s content management system; it’s intuitive and you can count on us to provide full training and support whenever you need it.

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