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england has a history of brokering sponsorships. And we do this using diligence and well-honed negotiating skills. But for us this is just the beginning. Once that deal has been made and partners join, it is time to activate the process. Activating, measuring and leveraging the sponsorship are where we shine.

Our experience in events and experiential marketing allows us to apply pragmatic tactics that will have you talking to your target consumer in conjunction with your partnership. Your strategy might be to engage with existing consumers, or you may be looking for ways to tap into a new market. Either way, we’ll create a suitable strategy that will make your brand stand out.

A sponsorship campaign, be it sports, corporate, charity, culture or education, provides the opportunity to showcase your brand in front of a wider audience, demonstrate brand values and boost reputation.

england’s experienced team can help identify the best sponsorship opportunities for your business and ensure that your sponsorship choice is consistent with your current communications. For example, charity sponsorship demonstrates humanity and responsibility, sports sponsorship can lend prestige to your business and boost your popular profile, arts sponsorship can help communicate with a niche market and sponsorship of educational institutions or projects demonstrates forward thinking.

A carefully managed sponsorship package can create a unique partnership that provides the opportunities to network, develop key industry contacts and drive your business forward. We manage every step of the process, from planning and budgeting to executing the campaign, ensuring you gain the optimum return on your sponsorship investment.

Ultimately, we understand that each pound you spend counts. Qualitative and quantitative measurements in each programme allow you to ensure you are making strong sponsorship decisions. From inception to completion, england are sponsorship-savvy.

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