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Understanding the power of TV is a fundamental part of england. For the majority of us, TV is part of our everyday lives, whether for information or entertainment purposes. It has the ability to engage us not only visually but emotionally, which is why we can recall commercials, their slogans and their products from decades ago. This makes TV an immensely powerful tool for advertising

Understanding how viewers interact with this medium is one of our strong points, TV advertising can be just as effective with a small budget as a large one thanks to the vast array of channels now available. The expansion of TV onto new platforms also means that there’s almost no-one you can’t reach through the medium of TV.

TV planning is results-driven, which ensures budgets are maximised and airtime is optimised on a daily basis in order to achieve the highest ROI.  At england, we understand what tunes people in and turns them on, and ultimately how TV’s engagement with the consumer can strengthen your brand. Speak to us and let us tell you more!

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